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Wii U: Good and Bad

Discussion in 'The News' started by Sammeh, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. I've been fortunate enough to have owned a Wii U console for a little over a month now, and I think its time for me to give a few impressions.

    THE BAD:

    1. The out of the box update

    Whether this was delayed in order for reviewers to keep their mouths shut or not, the update (approximately 1GB in all) that awaited when I activated the console for the first time was lengthy. Fortunately, it only took around 30 minutes due to my internet speed, but what about those who don't have such a luxury? While I most certainly don't believe this is enough for buyers to break out the receipts and crowd the returns line, it is embarrassing that a new console requires you to update it in order for you to get anywhere.

    2. Incredibly slow loading times

    In an era ruled by smart devices that start applications quickly by touching icons, the Wii U finds itself lagging behind these mobile competitors in terms of launch times. For example, the Netflix application clocks in at about 6 seconds on my iPad for a fresh start(as in it wasn't already open). The Wii U, in comparison takes about 22, sometimes 25 seconds, for it to load completely. I'm not sure if this is due to the developers or the platform itself, but the end result is a customer playing the waiting game.

    3. Half-baked launch

    Lets face it: the timing of the Wii U's launch resulted in probably the most half-assed release that Nintendo could have done. The absence of features such as Nintendo TVii ,which is supposedly a selling point of the system, is inexcusable. Nintendo TVii, still lacks many of its promised functionalities; TiVo/other DVR support, or Netflix integration are a few that come to mind. I understand that Nintendo wanted to have it out in time for Black Friday and the Holiday season here in the US, but to have a giant update enabling the console's content, a few applications that still weren't ready at launch, and functionality shown off that didn't actually make it in time for the release makes me slightly nervous.


    1. Dual screen functionality

    The Wii U's pride and joy is the ability to show in game objects on your controller, as well as the television. New Super Mario Bros U, along with many other titles and applications, make great use of this feature; sometimes being playable without the TV completely. Having the ability to find things on the controller that aren't on the TV is a small, but very important step to understanding what the Wii U is all about. When I played Nintendo Land with my siblings, I realized exactly how fun this makes gaming. Imagine a "Zelda" title in which all the clutter on-screen(such as the health meter, rupees, etc) is removed and placed on the GamePad; or even having a dungeon that has hidden elements only seen through the GamePad. Exciting right? Hopefully developers will take advantage of this.

    2. Remote functionality

    Another point of success for Nintendo, the Wii U console was meant to replace quite a few items in your entertainment setup, especially an unlikely target: your television remote. Being able to come into the room, pick up the GamePad, turn on the TV, and turn on the Wii U console is a very important process that you have to witness in order to believe it. Setup was a breeze for the television as well. Nintendo TVii expands upon this concept even further by allowing you to pick all of your favorite channels, and then providing a dial that automatically launches the channels with a simple touch. Again, its difficult to truly understand this functionality unless you own the console.

    3. Growing room

    The Wii U as a console may be half baked now, but I fully believe that it has plenty of space to grow into the force that competes on an even playing field with the competition's offerings. Not only has Nintendo been holding first party titles close to it's chest thus far, but we can expect that to change in the near future. Nintendo has also promised support for two GamePad controllers later on down the road. All of the speed bumps that I complained about earlier can be eliminated through many updates, and the overall taste of the console can become something more compelling than the competition.
  2. TheNintendoGang New Member

    True, maybe it does have a bad side, BUT, of course, I didn't expect for Netflix to download that slow for such a fast and compatible console, for like you said, the Ipad (with the netflix on it) only takes 6 seconds while with the Wii U, it takes 22-25 seconds which is horrible especially saying that Nintendo created it which in MY OPINION ONE of the best-selling game company in the world! So that's all I wanted to say!

    Have a GREAT AND FABULOUS holiday everybody!

    Sincerly, Brandon. ;)
  3. eh I personally still don't understand the uproar over the day one update...both the ps3/360 require updates (ps3 notoriously worse) to play games etc. You can't access XBL at all without the most recent dashboard update, and for ps3 just about every single game requires its own long update/install before you can even start playing the game and the system updates won't let you access psn without doing them.

    Something else to remember is that none of those systems launched with everything that Wii U was trying to launch with, they got most of their features later on through updates so considering Wii U pretty much is catching up within a month after launch..i'd say they are doing fine.

    Something I do strongly agree with is the long loading times, I still don't understand why this is an issue considering it has some pretty cool multi-tasking stuff (like using the TV remote at ANY time, even mid online game or when the system is off) but the actual booting up of just about any app takes quite a bit of time.
  4. TheNintendoGang New Member

  5. KaminariFuu Member

    Wow, I did not imagine it to be that way. I was asking to receive it for Christmas as well, since I spent my own money trying to buy others gifts...-cough,cough-. But, maybe I'll just wait a little for more reviews before I spend money I do not have on such an item. I'll be the one saying...a year later...I got the WiiU. Lol. Fail..

    Just...what happened with Nintendo? I understand they are not doing so well compared to Microsoft or Sony, but come on! True gamers understand that Nintendo is the first reason of why gaming was so enjoyable then and even now with the DS variations. I just feel bad for them because they are losing out on the profits due to competitions, but either they step out or get out of the ring before they disperse completely. We already had enough of that with good gaming companies....like Sega...

    Let's not destroy the greatest franchise of all gaming history because of some stupid Black DVD looking system and a Box with an X on it. xD
    I still enjoy all three though..
  6. >not doing as well as microsoft and sony but has topped the both in sales with the wii
    >losing out on the profit when the wii you has ether beaten or gotten close to topping the wii's first week/months sales
    >not taking the concept of the top selling handheld of all time and mashing it with the top selling console that beat two consoles that were "better" than it and putting it into one godly form known as the wiiU
    most of that was weird to read were you trying to make me want to buy it?
    the wiiU has much potential that is unforseen which will give sony and xbox a run for their money
  7. Truth be told and I dnt care what anyone says any console at launch is shiz. the games are poor and the system is as well. Not until a year or so later when new version (better as well) come out will we see them grow. Currently the Wii U is half baked all together. Two versions where one is just nonsense (Talking the Basic set). Seriously it like when ps3 came out. Soon we will see more HDD space for the Wii U and more goodies with it. With in a year or so I would say it will be best to buy one and get more for your 3 digit $$$. More Games plus.
    Also on a side note, its a shame Nintendo keeps blowing off Online co op for Mario.
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  8. Johnny23 Active Member

    I had a PS3 and currently own a Vita. Installing & updates never take long, although I do have Verizon FiOS. Also, let's remember how long ago the 360 and PS3 launched, shall we? It doesn't make any sense to justify the Wii U's lack of features by saying that the 360 and PS3 didn't get their stuff till later on. -_-
    The Wii U didn't sell as much as the Wii did in its first week. Also, in the week following Black Friday, the Wii sold almost as well as the Wii U did(400k and 600k), and the DS actually outsold the 3DS, even with the XL being out. -_-
    One more thing that we should all keep in mind: it doesn't matter how well the Wii U is doing against the 360 and PS3. If you recall or aren't aware, Microsoft and Sony are gearing up for their next gen consoles. Let's wait and see how it does against those consoles and THEN make with the comparisons. >_> Personally I have my doubts if Nintendo keeps avoiding online support for games that are just asking for it (Mario Party 8 or more recently NintendoLand) and voice chat (Trine 2). Even with BO2 you can only plug in your mic on the Gamepad, which makes it awkward if you're playing with the Wii remote or the pro controller. Not to mention the short charge duration.
  9. Ps3 is notorious for slow updates, I never said anything about about Vita (I have one and have no problem with speed so far) but just about every single retail game you put into the ps3 requires an install around 1GB or more, and usually many have mandatory updates/patches on top of the install that only add to the time.

    It does make sense as even though 360/ps3 launched long ago, it took them awhile to cut deals with the various companies like netflix etc to get the services on their devices, Nintendo tried getting EVERYTHING ready for launch and they had youtube, netflix, hulu, and amazon video within 2 weeks of launching. They also released TVii within a month which is much better than any of the multimedia features on the other two systems. The Wii U in no way has a "lack" of features, it just took weeks to get this stuff instead of having it on launch day.

    All the modern video services you could want, miiverse which is the best social community out of the 3 HD systems by far, and an internet browser that blows away the others by miles.

    The basic model is for people who don't want to pay an extra $50 for a game they might not want and a little more HDD space, for $50 you can buy an external HDD around 500 GB so there is no reason to wait for a new model of wii u to have a bigger HDD (like Ps3 and 360 did) as you can just expand the memory yourself for fairly cheap.
  10. you forget that even with it being new and competing with its predecessor thats cheaper than it and still selling well enough it did a pretty good job. yes its weird to use your mic but that will be fixed in updates and even with sony's or mirosofts new console launches they will still have to compete with nintendo ahead of the game evereyone is going to be on equal playing grounds this time graphics cant go any higher and might just get smoother from here on so its all going to come down to gameplay and whats easier or more fun to play on what console. also 3 hours is not short at all unless you forget to even charge it i doubt you go through a session 3 hours straight when your sitting in that lobby or loading screen charging can be done or just get the new pro controller that has a life of 80 hours on it. and online support for those games are not needed nintendo has always and forever will be about playing games in the same room if they did make those games online you will then complain about lag
  11. Johnny23 Active Member

    Oh definitely, it did still do a pretty good job as far as sales go. You... are really optimistic about next gen consoles not being much of a threat to the Wii U. o.o Shouldn't you wait until the battery level gets low to charge the gamepad? I would assume its battery can only take so many charge cycles before the charge duration is reduced; just like everything else. Last time I checked you can't plug a mic into the the pro controller, which was kinda my point. That's the problem with Nintendo, they're so stubborn and set in their ways. Sure, the online support may not be needed, it may sell well enough, but they are also running a business. Something like Mario Party or Nintendoland will undoubtedly sell better if there was online support. Besides, what's the point of Nintendo trying to reach a wider audience if they're not going to get entirely with the program? You realize that you're criticizing Nintendo with your last statement, right? Yes, there will be lag because Nintendo are still noobs when it comes to online multiplayer. Do not try to tell me what I will and will not do though.
    Yeah, because updates and patches are a bad thing... >_>
    Why does it matter what the 360 and PS3 launched with however many years ago? My point is that they have those features now, so tell me again why the Wii U shouldn't have had those on launch day.
    But the other systems already have an easy to use friend list and lots of online multiplayer which more than suffices. I doubt anyone will be swayed by miiverse. -_- An internet browser? :O Well that's it, I'm going out right now to buy a Wii U.... if I was too lazy to walk three feet to my laptop. :rolleyes:
  12. not talking about them but its a fact that all games will have lag and people will undoubtly complain about lag those games like mario party and such might get some people to play if it was online but thats not the main focus and so they will keep to the ways that have been working online support isn't a feature everyone can have that is why Nintendo doesn't do it adding that for games people that wouldn't normally hop online for isn't worth the extra money plus the center base of those games are in japan where many can just go to a friends house and play thats why the 3DS street pass is a bigger boom there than it is here...or atleast its easier to get a street pass by walking outside
  13. I don't think you are understanding that all of those services are individual companies that they must work with and make deals with separately, all of which takes time as they have to convince them for support to begin with. Wii/360/ps3 only got those services once they sold well enough to justify those companies bringing their services over, Nintendo had to get all their services ready and running on a brand new system before it even started selling, and another point is that just with any other new hardware, it takes time to optimize software for it which is why both ps3 and 360 went through major changes as time went on, they couldn't make the more sophisticated software features run back at their launches.

    Patches/updates are only bad when they are constant because the game is bug ridden, which is unfortunately often the case this gen especially with ps3 ports.

    Everyone posting on miiverse on a daily basis seem to be swayed by Miiverse, as it is awesome. And yeah having a pc or laptop is obviously better than the internet browser in a game system, but if for some reason you don't own one or have to share it with others, this is a VERY good browser that you can easily open up while playing a game to look up walkthroughs etc and its a great way to show off youtube videos on the tv and you can still browse the web on the gamepad while videos are playing on the tv.
  14. why in the word would I pay $300 plus for a 8gig system then pay near $100 more for an External HDD?
    I'm sorry but unlike you or the rest I'm not made of money nor do I have a money tree. If I'm going to pay that kind of money I better get at leat 150 gigs on the system.
    Anyways the basic set is stupid personally speaking. Its makes no sense and no reason to even be around. Nintendo has made it pretty clear they want you to buy the Black "Deluxe" system.
    lol its like buying the 8gig ipod touch.. Cuz that makes a shit load of sense. Enjoy deleting everything when you want new things. At least Apple made the new 5th gen ipod a 32gig this time. Makes more sense now doesn't it?
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  15. Z My Body is Reggie

    I absolutely love it when people compare handhelds vs. consoles. If i remember correctly, Wii U was installed with 3D technology that is itching to be released in an update once Nintendo find out how to integrate it to the tv. Also, I'd really like to see Sony or Microsoft replace as much of the usual entertainment system as Nintendo did. Even if they only replaced the remote, it has by far made the most effective changing to unifying everything to one machine. You also forget that the Wii sales have far made up for a large cushion for them to afford a bit of a loss even if the next gen competitors get more. Nintendo has always pulled through as they will continue to do so. But to compare how great a system (console) to a handheld is just ridiculous. Honestly, this controversy between Sony's fans and Nintendo fans gets ridiculous. Toky owns all the systems so he has fair right to say which is better. I'm not saying I'm perfect but I do know that I can't judge based solely on the system I play and system I don't own. Nintendo has always been unpredictable and that is one of their biggest weapons against competitors.

    On a side note, I had heard a rumor that Sony or Microsoft is making a "gamepad" of their own. Please tell me this is a joke ._.
  16. Johnny23 Active Member

    I'm sorry but I don't see how any of what you said is a solid reason for Nintendo not to include online support for games like Mario Party. They're a business and it would sell more. I don't see the problem. You should try some puncuation; that would certainly help me understand what you're trying to say.
    Well yeah, as I recall the PS3 is the most diffcult system to make games for out of the three. For me it was the exclusives and free online that made it worth it. :)
    Of course a lot of people are using Miiverse, they did buy the system afterall. I doubt it's a selling point for potential buyers though. Same with the internet browser, how many people don't have a laptop or a smartphone but can afford and are willing to buy the Wii U? Not many, I suspect. When I still played on consoles I'd just bust out Youtube on my smartphone whenever I'd get stuck. Maybe the gamepad makes it a little easier, a little more convenient, but certainly not enough to make it a selling point. The same goes for Miiverse. It seems to me like the Wii U may be relying too much on future first party titles and developers to make good use of the gamepad. Keep in mind all this is coming from a relatively well informed gamer who doesn't own a Wii U. Now imagine if I was a potential buyer.
    If you're referring to me, I didn't mean to compare the Vita to a console; although it does really feel like a console in your hands. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on the Vita keeps blowing me away and almost making me forget that I'm not playing it on the PS3; no joke. Anywho, I was in a hurry for dinner or something of the sort when I made that comment and since it's been on my mind so much I ended up mentioning it when I probably shouldn't have. Although I certainly wouldn't go as far as to say that comparing the Vita to a console is ridiculous. =/
    Again, they got rid of the remote; big whoop. Who watches TV anymore? 99% of what is on TV is nasty poop. What else is the Wii U going to pointlessly unify?
    Yeah, because in today's day and age if you don't own something then you can't make an informed decision when deciding whether to buy something or not. Oh... wait, you can. >_> If you simply follow all the major gaming outlets and news organizations on Twitter and Youtube then you are as informed as you can be without actually owning a video game or a system. Suffice to say, I usually know what I'm talking about too.
    Honestly, I don't understand how any of you don't seem to be the least bit worried about next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. =/ I'm not even sure that there is anything that I place that much trust in.
  17. But that 8gb ipod still sold didn't it? It's because there is a market for it, even if you personally don't want it, it's not a pointless/stupid decision of other people buy it. The system is $300 because of everything in it, not just the 8GB flash memory, the controller alone is expensive and the system has modern tech (aside from the cpu). It was confirmed they are selling the basic wii u at a loss, they are not overcharging and making a ridiculous profit like you seem to be assuming. All of the tech in the wii u is worth more than $300, so them adding an even bigger HDD would only make them lose more money and is not a smart decision.

    I never said those were the selling points, I was simply replying to you saying Wii u has a "lack of features", I was just proving that not only does it not have a lack, the features it does have surpass its current competition. As far as selling points, it is all on the games just like any other gaming hardware. Who buys a ps3 only to watch netflix or blu rays? No they buy it for the ps3 games so the same will be said for Wii U. Wii U already has good games, and for me and the people that bought it already, the combination of games and awesome features like miiverse make it worth it while we wait for the even more amazing games coming (smash bros, monster hunter, bayonetta 2, wonderful 101, and pikmin 3).
  18. Johnny23 Active Member

    Right... I knew that... :p
    Actually, the ability to play Blu-rays was the other selling point for me that I forgot to mention. :3 Blu-rays almost always come in near mint condition from Netflix.
    If I was still interested in owning a console, the Wii U would put me off because of the Gamepad; just like touch screens on the modern handhelds. I'm not sure how much I would really enjoy it, if at all. It's also easy for developers to screw it up and make it detract from the game play experience rather than being an enjoyable addition. Also considering that there are actually other options that are also cheaper with the 360 and PS3 unlike with handhelds, I doubt I'd find myself purchasing a Wii U. =/
  19. If you are a handheld gamer, how do you believe touch screens detract from games? Both 3DS and Vita use touch screens and every major smartphone/handheld device has a touch screen. Saying the gamepad is bad because it has a touch screen is like saying the 3DS or Vita are bad for having the same. I don't think touch screen should be the ONLY option, but since gamepad has the exact same button amount as a ps3/360 controller AND has touch screen and all those extras built in like gyroscope, NFC reader, and so on, it only adds to the control options gamers have instead of being limited. Many games also also support to pro controller (basically identical to the 360 controller) or you can just plug in a classic controller into the wiimote and use that.

    There are games on Wii U that don't require the touch screen at all, such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 so there is no pressure on devs to forcibly use the touch screen instead of button control so if a dev can't think of an enjoyable to make use of it, they just don't have to.
  20. Johnny23 Active Member

    lol, that was way off of what I was trying to say. Will edit this later.
    Edit: First off, I didn't say that touch screens always detract from games, I said they CAN detract from games if implemented incorrectly. I also didn't say that the gamepad was bad because of it. As you pointed out it's a unique controller for sure, meaning that if devs do try to implement it they could screw it up and that sucks. Just like how touch screen controls don't always work out on the 3DS and Vita. It's just one more thing that devs can screw up, not to mention the added risk of screen damage. I just don't understand how all the finger smudges all over my Vita is worth the added functionality. =/ I've already got a DS Lite, 3DS XL, and a Vita so why in the world would I want to put up with another touch screen; especially one on a controller? On top of all that I just don't like using touch screens, even when it's done right.
    Jee, I wasn't aware that devs weren't being forced into utilizing the touch screen because that would make total sense. :rolleyes: There will still be plenty of devs that will try. Maybe they make a good game but botch the touch screen controls. It's just not worth it for me. Example: In Little Big Planet Vita in order to use the rocket launchers you need to touch the screen to fire a rocket and then drag your finger to guide it if need be. Unfortunately it feels like my skin is burning because of the screen protector that I have on there. Keep in mind that it's made by HORI =/

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