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So many things!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Luke, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. First off, I do not believe I have congratulated Cifer for making the pink team! He has already been such a major asset to the Admin team. Thanks bro.

    Also... we got the awards up and going!!! As you can see, they look a little different, but the awards are there. I want to thank all the staff who helped get this done. It wasn't easy at all. So many snags in transferring and then the dealings with the images... ugh. Special thanks to Plloi who swooped in and saved a lot of my time on it.

    Speaking of Plloi... welcome back to the Admin team as well! With all of us together, all having abilities to add features, there will be tons of new awesomeness coming!!

    Dsigners are coming back in action... you will see things start happening soon. Please throw out your congrats to Shift and Epic for being out design crew! Always looking for talented members with awesome attitudes!

    2013 is going to be a great year!
  2. /me throws a thermite charge at Shaun and breakdances to cover

    Welcome back, Uncle Bob.

    And congrats again to Shift and Epic.

    Aaaaand a late welcome to the other Pinky. We still need to work together to get Shoops back, Cifer.
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  3. Mr.Fox Lone.

    Nice. Good job maties. You deserve a gold sticker! Awards!? Those are back? Yeah! What kind of awards!? Money awards?!? Awwww yeah. You guys are good. :cool:
  4. Glad to see you guys got the old awards back. They're much better.
  5. Well, ALL the awards aren't back. But it's good to see that some made it back from the Before Times.
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  6. what is missing?
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  7. Congrats
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  8. Well ones that I can think of at the moment-

    Founding Member and Quality Over Quantity.

    I have 14 awards and I had 18. I love my awards so much, ha.
  9. Seconded on the Quality Over Quantity award. I'm also missing the Monkey See, Monkey Do, Community Service, and Misc. Contributions award from appearing as one of my award images. If one were to click one of my awards they'd see the rest of them, though. Strange.
  10. Z My Body is Reggie

    Very nice. I'm certainly looking forward to the great year ahead of us. Congrats to the new team and new staff! Thanks so much for bring back the rewards. I know that was one of the biggest things people missed. Shaun. There's a name I haven't heard in a while. What happened to Shaun from England? Anyway I can get in touch with him? o.o
  11. Congratz Epic and Spirit.

    Long the live the DNA!
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  12. Elendil!
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  13. Ah, the days of my youth, just like the scent of fresh lemon! I had found it on my vacation (and in the restoration of the Awards), and now I'm back, determined to make the year 2013 memorable here - on one way or another :awesome: Prepare yourselves, and lots of congratulations to Cifer, Plloi, Epic, and Shift et al.

    P.S. I'd also like to remind you about the Quality over Quantity award, because - unless my memory fails me - I think I once had it :whistle:
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  14. Z My Body is Reggie

    I absolutely love it when Dimentio posts. He and his way of speaking is quite unique. Always has a way with words. Must be his foreign accent :G
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  15. You flatter me :Awesome2.0: I simply have to think a little while longer what I type than the native speaker, because English doesn't come to me that effortlessly.

    Oh, and congratulations to people such as Luke and Michelle as well; I think I forgot to include them in my previous list.
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