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It's beginning...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Michelle, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. To look a lot like Christmas (or whatever other Holiday you celebrate)!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to Lucas, we now have awesome snowflakes adding some holiday cheer to our site!

    I hope each of you has a wonderful Holiday season and get everything you wish for.

    You are also welcome for the wonderful song I put in your head, that you'll be singing for the next couple of hours.

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  2. Ah yes. The snowflakes have returned, good stuff.

    And pfffff. It's not stuck in MY head. Merry early Christmas, Michy :]
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  3. Mr.Fox Lone.

    Oh snap.
  4. GCXBU Well-Known Member

    Well, Happy Holidays from me! Cause I am on my Christmas vacation at my home country of the Philippines at the moment!!! ^_^
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  5. I always love the snowflakes this time of year. :)
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  6. Snowflakes? Winter?
    Im in Florida, it's 80~something degrees one day, and 64 the next.
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  7. Texas is worse than even that. What a drag.
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  8. Do the degree shifting days in Texas turn into insta-monsoons at a moments notice?
  9. GCXBU Well-Known Member

    Over here in the Philippines, it's around the 90's to 100 degrees. It is always hot here all the time!!! ^_^
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  10. Here in NC, I'm seeing temp changes that cause tornadoes... Wednesday's forecast shows high 61, with a nighttime drop to 41... T.T And next week, I'll be facing below-freezing lows.

    >fingers crossed, hoping for snow
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  11. Z My Body is Reggie

    Louisiana beat all y'all states. We southerners hardly ever get 'em snows. As for temperature, it is bizarre. We are REALLY hot one year, and REALLY cold next year, sometimes both, but one thing we always have in common. What do you get with a humid/watery climate + heat? Yep you guessed it. LOTS of mosquitos. And I do mean lots. Nothing beats the heat then a bunch of crawfish in special Louisiana cajun hot sauce mmmmhmmmm good.

    Only downside is that we are one of the main targets for hurricanes, but that is why my family (my house anyways >.>) lives northern Louisiana. We only get the rain from them. Why live in states with unpredicted earthquakes when you can live in a state with warnings for massive storms?
  12. lethalm Fallen Master

    I'm hoping for a White Christmas too, but seeing as how I'm in Georgia... I seriously doubt it T_T
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  13. I want a white Christmas like the one I had in 2009. Where there is enough snow to blockade you in your house.
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  14. Then I suggest you move to Scandinavia :awesome: I took this from my family's summer home a week or two ago.

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  15. Good luck with that. I'm in SC and see NO signs of snow at all. I don't want snow at all....
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  16. I like wearing my shorts and tank tops :(
    I don't want to have to wear pants and sweaters.... ;_;
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  17. Im sure wearing pants and sweaters isn't all that bad. ;)
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  18. Oh it is....all I have are Skinny jeans and my sweaters are too dressy to get wet..
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