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How Famous Are YOU on Nintendo Worlds?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Fury, May 15, 2007.

  1. Alright another forum game, last one promise =D. Rules are simple. All you have to do is rate the above poster from 1-10. 1 as in I've never seen you before or 10 as in I've seen you a bazillion times.
  2. 8 - Your a dirty Spammer LOL.. J/k
  3. LOL alright, 9 Req. You run the graphics shop so that gives you a hefty bonus.
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  4. Req has it right fury....

    Mr. Spams-a-lot gets an 8
  5. Ferlex New Member

    9 becuase your lvl is 8 + i like Boo
  6. ferlex, ill give you a 4 cause you're kind of new but ive also seen some of your posts too, so there you go
  7. Android Cheat Commando

    wow, you joined in april?

    9 or 8 thats alot for joining in april.
  8. Karatechickn New Member

    10 - Android. You're always freakin' on. Even in first period. Haha.
  9. Daspen Canadian Mancandy

    7-i see you around a fair bit but not all the time
  10. BaTmAn Well-Known Member

    5- you pop up every now and then
  11. 7, you're here pretty often
  12. Dan_Clk Guest

    8. You help me and i help you! :)
  13. 8-9 You're pretty much always on.
  14. bgrugby60 Guest

    9, I always see you in the threads I check out, that and the pokemon sticks out.
  15. 1-i havent seen you around
  16. Karatechickn New Member

    8 - I have seen you...a fair bit.
  17. 4 Im new , havnt seen much of yoo
  18. Reinhart BarrelRolling Webmaster

    Hmm, a 9 seems about right.
  19. 10 definetly for Reinhart!:D
  20. 9, Haven't seen you post often recently...

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