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Don't let the staff say 0

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Joy, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. It's a counting game! We (The non-staff members) keep posting up and up in numbers(counting by 1 2 3 and so on) until a mod or admin comes in and says 0! Then we start again and again trying to reach high numbers before the party crashers come along.

    Poster1-1 and the game starts
    Poster2-2 let this game roll baby!
    Poster50-50 man we got this far without a mod!
    Mod-Hahahahaha 0 start over!

    we got to 167!
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  2. meh, guess your poster 1

  3. Ryan >.>


    If I were a staff member, I would camp this thread. :p Joking.
  4. 0!

    Mwuahahahahahahahaha I'm so evil. <3
  5. Virus Jones Well-Known Member

  6. D=


    Dammit, three in unison posts FTL

  7. Tyler Well-Known Member

  8. 5

    MMM failed, you were 3, not 2
  9. No I wasn't. Metalhead said four after you said one, so I got confused. I followed by your one, so I said two cause that's what comes after one...

  10. Ryan >.>

  11. You all fail and can't count!


    Start over and learn to count!
  12. 8

    I win.

    Edit: Noooooooooooo....


  13. 3
    Congrats guys!
  14. Ryan >.>

  15. Ryan >.>


    Let's go for a new record!

    Oh, and Joy, you should put the record we counted to on the first post in bold.
  16. 7
    And it keeps going...

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