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creepy pokemon places :o

Discussion in 'DS Archives' started by zacalord2000, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. zacalord2000 New Member

    what is the freakiest/scariest place in pokemon?

    my opinion is Lavander town. A barran town surounded by clifss and towered by a massive pokemon graveyard. (the town song scares the **** out of me)

    i also think the old chateau is scary 2. im 2 feaked out to enter it in the dark LOL!
  2. Lucei20 Soooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Prof. Oaks lab. who knowz what that old weirdo is gonna do to me. o_o
  3. razille24 New Member

    Uhh... For me it's gonna be Old Chateau. Why? It's like a haunted house and there are ghosts inside once you trigger something. (like examining the Pokestatue and entering the room. You'll see an old man floating.) 0_o
  4. HiddenAura Banned

    Old chateau :G Im used to it now.
  5. I remember when I played red and blue.
    Lavander towns music was weird, I turned the volume down when I got in the town
  6. Green-eyed Wolf Well-Known Member

    I must admit that the Old Chateau has a really eerie atmosphere, the music makes me nervous, also it is totally abandoned (at least the Pokemon Tower in Lavender has channelers...), but I also found the Cinnabar burnt lab creepy the first time I entered it, I even got lost.
  7. Javierarness New Member

    Eterna Forest, and The Haunted house at night... Though only reason i go there is to find misdreavus! :run:
  8. Old Chateau. o___o

    I swear I pee'd my pants the first time I saw that little girl walk in that room.

    I hate sp.att EV training there. xD
  9. Arceus Well-Known Member

    Well it is the old chateau! Because it is kinda creepy!

    The song is creepy!O____O
  10. I really dislike the Pokemon Tower, it seems so sad, and it made me realize that Pokemo can die :(
  11. zacalord2000 New Member

    everyone listen to this and if it dosn't creep you out i don't know what will.

    lavender town theme [YOUTUBE]JNJJ-QkZ8cM[/YOUTUBE]

    it sounds full of hoplessness, and while listening to this song you can just imagine that little girl saying " i lost my sweet pikachu to team rocket" also how small this town is with a massive graveyard towering over it. yes its pretty deep for pokemon...

    Edit: i just realized. they built this massive Pokemon grave for the departed Pokemon, but they don't have a single graveyard for the humans. wow.

    P.s. i know Nintendo would never scoff the notion of a human actually dieing so don't judge me based on this. just a opinion
  12. zacalord2000 New Member

    you know, as creepy as this song is... i like it
  13. pokefan123 New Member

    I hate lavender town I remeber when I was little I nearly cried when I her that girl talking about her pokemon...
    hate the music and lavender town is a little depressing.
  14. definitly lavender town, old cheatue, and the music is creepy. I turned down my game also.
  15. lego6245 New Member

    Old chateau. Definitly. Horror films ftw.
  16. pdbdbomb New Member

    I find creepy places awesome. Dark/ghost pokemon FTW
  17. Steven253 New Member

    I always hated Lavender town...
    and that stupid tower....
    I never thought that Pokemon would die...
    Too realistic! :G
  18. jimmycrackcorn Well-Known Member

    i hated the one in i think fire red and leaf green where you surf and then you see a memorial to a steelix it wasnt scary but sad i think there was a item in the tomb stone thing
  19. DaWn that mamaluigi to u mario

    old chateou u have the girl and a old man ghost in it ugh creepy!!! but hey u get some good ghost pkmn :D
  20. pokemonster99 New Member

    yeah lavandar town just creeps me out.
    its so ful of hopelessness. just like how pokemon red and blue turned out lol

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